A method to prevent dust bag from being damaged by flue gas at high temperature

- Jul 25, 2020-

A method to prevent dust bag from being damaged by flue gas at high temperature

1, spray simply cooling, the application of the nozzle, so that the water into fog spray, spray to the high temperature smoke, fog evaporation will absorb a large number of heat, so that the smoke can be cooled. The main advantage of this is that the smoke cools quickly and the necessary construction and investment is minimal. 

The disadvantage is that the moisture content of flue gas increases, which may cause condensation of flue gas and harm the dust filter bag. 

If the water spray is not enough to be fine, become a bigger (water point, hot yao (water point might as well not have enough time to evaporate simply into the bag filter, dust bag is easy to be infarcted. Therefore, it is necessary to select the nozzle with excellent function, and control the spray amount accurately with microcomputer at the same time.

2. Mix with cold air for cooling. Usually, a three-way pipe is installed in the inlet pipe of the bag filter. The advantage of this method is that the cooling speed is fast, and only a few simple parts such as a tee pipe and a valve to control air flow can be used. 

The disadvantage is that the volume of smoke will increase, and the greater the cooling range, the more the volume of smoke will increase. 

In order to respond to the increase of the filter area and building volume of the filter bag filter, thus increasing the investment in buildings, wind pipes, breeze machines and other methods, and also increasing the operating price.

Dust filter bag is a critical dust collector, its price is about 10% ~ 15% of the whole dust bag filter, so if often replaced, not only will affect the working hours, but also improve the old cost, so that in high temperature flue gas dust, response measures should be taken to prevent high temperature flue gas dangerous dust filter bag.