A quick and safe way to replace dust bags

- Sep 04, 2020-

A quick and safe way to replace dust bags

Under normal circumstances, the dust bag is gradually worn, the primary cause of wear is the grinding force of dust, filter material deterioration caused by high temperature and chemical corrosion. When the grinding force of dust is very strong, the bottom of the bag is most severely worn, and the addition of system capacity leads to increased filtration speed, which can also accelerate wear.

Generally speaking, dusting bags will gradually wear out during use, and the main causes of wear are dust, filtration material deterioration and chemical corrosion caused by high temperature. When the dust accumulates to a certain level, the bottom of the dust bag will become extremely worn.

First of all, the bag filter must not work with damaged bags, otherwise it will speed up the dust collector scrap. When a small damage occurs to a single cloth bag, still can use the old cloth bag to continue to use, filling holes to use silicone rubber mixture to stick.

When most of the dust bag is damaged, it should be replaced completely, and the replacement should be done when the dust collector stops working. Close the dust controller first, open the manhole door at the top to open the cloth bag, take out the bag cage first, then pinch the spring coil at the top of the bag into a concave shape, pull out the cloth bag upward, before installing the new cloth bag, clean the dust on the flower plate hole.

Bag is all the links in the most need to be careful, in the placement of ten million should pay attention not to bump with sharp objects, hook, even if it is a small scratch, also can make the life of the bag greatly shortened. First spend dust bag by the housing board hole into the bag in the room, and then put the upper mouth of the spring coil knead into a pit, in the case of orifice plate medium, to restore the spring coil, make it tight pressure tight in the hole on the circumference of a circle, will eventually bag cage into gently from the mouth, until the upper part of the bag cage cover does press stop on the casing plate hole. To ensure safety, be sure to install one before installing the next.

If the dust catcher cannot be stopped when replacing the bag, the room should be separated from the off-line barrier, and then the room to replace the bag, bag changing room should be to improve the valve in the closed state, with the pulse valve does not work. When disassembling cloth bags, there will be a small amount of negative pressure at the mouth of the bag, so be careful not to drop the bag into the ash bucket.