According to the method of dust remover, select dust bag

- Aug 20, 2020-

According to the method of dust remover, select dust bag

One of the primary working conditions for the selection of the kinds is the dust removal method of the bag filter, which determines that the filter material of the dust removal bag is woven cloth, needle and needle felt is still constricted felt, etc. As for the detailed design criteria of the dust bag, the dust bag manufacturer tells you that you can make the selection by further developing according to the other filtration technology conditions of the enterprise.

1. Vibration cleaning

The characteristic of this method is that the kinetic energy applied to the dust layer is lower than that of pulse blowing and back blowing, so it is of low energy type and suitable for fabric dust bag. The vibration wave with softness has better transmission.

2. Reverse air blower (reverse suction bag) ash

This kind of ash treatment is usually through the use of a variety of fabric dust bags, but can also be used to weigh the cloth of this lighter, soft, scale structure change small enterprise scale felt. The use of these glass and fiber dust bags in the majority, and used in some large bag filter. The hoisting and sewing of dust-removing bag have certain development requirements. If you do not pay attention to it, it will have a great impact on the life of the system's dust-removing bag.

3. Pulse spraying for ash removal

This method is applied to the kinetic energy of dust removal and is a typical external filtration method. The dust removal force is very strong, and the residual dust attached to the dust bag yarn is very small. Under the action of pulse spraying, the dust bag will instantly become very large and the attack stress is very great, so the filter material with strong lifting force is needed.

Therefore, the use of dust bags for better wear resistance.

4. Air ring spray and dust removal

In this way of management of the ash function for proper good, require to improve dust bag with a good rigidity, pore structure fine, and wear resistance, so that in the blowing air loop up and down the development of reciprocating movement, dust bag does not change, will not rise. So we limit the use of felt or needle felt. Heavy felt with high density and thickness.