According to the nature of dust gas selection

- Mar 12, 2020-

According to the nature of dust gas selection

1. Gas temperature

The temperature of dust gas is an important factor in the selection of filter bag. Generally less than 130 ℃ dust gas is called room temperature gas, more than 130 ℃ dust gas is called high temperature gas, so the filter bag can be divided into two categories: less than 130 ℃ room temperature filter bag and higher than 130 ℃ high temperature filter bag. Therefore, the appropriate filter bag should be selected according to the flue gas temperature. In actual work, some people call the gas 130 ~ 200 ℃ medium temperature gas, but the filter bag chooses the high temperature type more.

The temperature of the filter bag is "continuous long-term temperature" and "instant short-term temperature". "Continuous long-term service temperature" refers to the long-term temperature applicable to the continuous operation of the filter bag, which should be used to select the filter bag. "Instantaneous short-term temperature" refers to the maximum temperature where the filter bag is not allowed to exceed 10 min per day. If the time is too long, the filter bag will soften and deform.

2. Gas humidity

Dust gas is divided into three states according to the relative humidity: the relative humidity is dry gas when the relative humidity is below 30%, the relative humidity is general state between 30% ~ 80%, and the gas is high humidity gas when the relative humidity is above 80%. For high humidity gas, when it is in a high temperature state, especially when SO2 is contained in dusty gas, condensation will occur when the gas is cooled. This will not only make the surface of the filter bag fouling, blocking, and will corrode the structural materials, so it needs special attention.