Advantages of cartridge filter

- Jan 10, 2020-

Advantages of cartridge filter:

Used for many years back blowing, gas box vein blowing, mechanical vibration unit and other backward dust collector, has been eliminated by the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries. The cartridge filter is a successor to these older filters and is as follows:

(1) new filter material: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-wear and anti-corrosion filter material

(2) new structure: hard filter material folding arrangement, no reinforcement skeleton, no filter material wear phenomenon

(3) new theory: surface filtration replaces deep filtration of dust, and no longer penetrates into the inside of filter material

(4) the surface filtration efficiency of the filter drum bag filter is much higher than that of the old-style dust collector, which greatly reduces the emission of harmful substances, and the air purification index has reached the advanced level.

(5) there is no wear phenomenon of filter material in the filter cartridge filter, no moving parts on its body, can be used for a long time without maintenance (even if it is very convenient to remove and replace the filter cylinder) to avoid the trouble of the old type filter constantly changing filter material, save money, labor and no secondary pollution.

(6) the volume and weight of the filter cartridge dust collector are smaller than that of the dust collector of the same specification, which can save civil construction space and load and significantly save infrastructure.

(7) low resistance, low consumption of compressed air, no maintenance workload. Electromagnetic pulse valve than all kinds of old - style dust collector energy saving, savings of more than 30%, any enterprise can not ignore this energy saving effect to bring significant economic benefits.