Advantages of dust removal filter bag

- Apr 13, 2020-

Advantages of dust removal filter bag

1. High surface unfinished filtration efficiency. Usually industrial filter material is deep filtration. The dust bag is based on the filter material surface to establish a dust layer to achieve effective filtration.

2. At low pressure, flux works continuously. The traditional deep filter dust bag filter material, once put into use, the dust penetrates, establishes the dust layer, the permeability drops rapidly.

3. Dust easily. Ren bao directly depends on a kind of filter material operating pressure loss after ash removal with or stranded in the filter material on the surface, the amount of dust, soot cleaning time length, with very superior soot cleaning properties, can thoroughly remove dust layer every time grey, inside the filter material won't cause congestion, will not change, mass density and porosity, can often keep in low pressure loss.  

4. Long life. No matter what kind of cleaning mechanism is adopted, the coated filter material can give full play to its superiority. Therefore, the cost is low. Coated filter material is a kind of strong and flexible fiber structure, and the strong substrate composite. Therefore, there is enough mechanical strength, together with some deashing property, reduce the ash cleaning strength, in the low and stable pressure loss, can be used for a long time, extend the life of the filter bag.  

5, the use of dust bag filter material, dust can not penetrate into the filter material, is the surface filtration, whether thick or fine dust, all deposited on the surface of the filter material, that is, by the membrane itself aperture interception of the filter, there is no initial filtration period, the beginning is effective filtration, nearly 100% of the time in the filtration.  

6. Continuous operation at low pressure and high flux. Traditional deep filtration material.  

7. Dust bag is easy to remove dust and has a long service life.