Advantages of film - coated dust bag

- Oct 16, 2020-

Advantages of film - coated dust bag

Most of the effect of dust bag is composed of PTFE film with general base fabric material made of PTFE coated dust filter bag, this dust bag is of better performance, its effect is equivalent to the initial dust layer, so makes the dust is easily peeled off, and then use the dust bag longer, compared with general dust filter bag, dust bag laminating advantages as follows:

1, appearance of higher power

With regard to the dust filter bag without film mulching, it is based on the appearance of the first set up a dust layer for useful filtration, and then set up a useful filtration time, and the resistance is large, low power, interception is not complete, so it will add loss, high pressure and frequent ash cleaning, resulting in a large area and a short period of use. If the use of coated dust filter bag, dust can not penetrate into its appearance, only the appearance of filtration, no matter the thickness of the dust, all the accumulation in its appearance, that is, by the membrane itself aperture to retain the filter, no initial filtration period, the beginning is useful filtration, nearly 100 percent of the time in the filtration.

2. Low-pressure and high-throughput continuous operation

The traditional deep filtration and dust removal filter bag will set up a dust layer when put into use, which makes the air permeability decline rapidly. During filtration, dust accumulates inside to form a blocking scene, and then the resistance of the bag filter is added.

Effect of dust filter bag with micro aperture and not sticky, make dust penetration rate close to zero, the input power supply best after filtering, as the accumulation in the membrane filter material appearance is filter content reaches must thickness, can fall off automatically, Yi Qing grey, the filtering pressure keeps a very low level, air flow always stay at a higher level, can have the job.

3. Simpler ash cleaning

The operating pressure loss of any dust filter bag depends on the amount of dust remaining or remaining on the surface and the length of the dust removal. It only takes a few seconds to clean the dust of the film covered dust filter bag, which has a very good and superior cleaning characteristics. Every time the dust can be completely removed, the internal blockage will not be formed, porosity and mass density will not be changed, and the operation can be maintained at low pressure.

4. Longer term of application

No matter which mechanism is selected for the dedusting filter bag, it can show its superior characteristics. It is a kind of filter data that can thoroughly show the design function of the bag filter. The plastic mulching filter bag is a kind of strong and soft fiber structure, and the rigid substrate composite, so there is a mechanical strength, in addition to the outstanding deashing, reducing the ash strength, in the low and stable pressure loss, can be used for a long time, so its use period is longer.

Compared with the traditional filter bag, the film-coated filter bag has more advantages. However, it is not required in all working conditions. Therefore, as long as the material is selected and operated according to the rules, the filter bag can achieve the maximum efficiency.