Advantages of PTFE filter bags

- Oct 15, 2020-

Advantages of PTFE filter bags

PTFE filter bag features: 

  1. PTFE filter bag is connected to work at a temperature above 250 ° C, and the instantaneous temperature is 280 ° C.

    2. PTFE filter bag is resistant to acid and alkali oxidation and is almost non-flammable.

    3. PTFE filter bags are made of non-aging fiber.

    4. PTFE filter bags can satisfy the poor working conditions and have a long service life.

    PTFE filter bag is mainly used in chemical industry, waste incineration, high temperature liquid filtration and so on. It maintains good chemical stability under various complicated working conditions. Be able to understand PTFE filter bags.

    In full meaning, a layer of PTFE microporous film is attached to the surface of PTFE needled felt filter data, so it is a PTFE film dust filter bag. PTFE filter bag this film is a hot melt adhesive film, through a professional filter laminating machine. It is uniform and has a very small aperture. The pore diameter is about 0.05 m~3 m, which is equivalent to the initial dust layer of the general dust collecting bag.

    The PTFE filter bag can block the free passage of smoke and dust together with the clean gas. PTFE filter bag is made of the same needling technique and heat shaping process, supplemented by PTFE film post-treatment, which is an excellent anti-corrosion filter material at present.

    The process of hot setting adopts the pure PTFE needling felt produced by the heat setting machine specially designed by our company, and carries out the straight-through high temperature hot setting.

    Low shortening rate ensures that the filter data produced is normal under high temperature working conditions. Use.

    PTFE filter bag filter material selection of advanced production process professional production.

    The coated dust bag has the advantages of good air permeability and water resistance, and it is a new filter material for dust removal.

    Film coating skill is selected to ensure high chemical stability, low friction coefficient, high temperature resistance and anti-aging of PTFE. Resist fine particles.