After treatment of dust-removing cloth bags

- Oct 20, 2020-

After treatment of dust-removing cloth bags

In the process of dust removal, when dust containing gas particles pass through the dust collector, dust particles will be captured and collected on the outside of the filter bag, while clean gas will enter into the inside of the filter bag through the filter material. The dust-collecting cage inside the bag is used to support the bag and prevent the bag from falling. It also helps to eradicate the dust cake and spread from the head. For some special working conditions, it is important to reprocess the dust bag. Usually divided into the following categories:

1. Burning and pressing treatment:

This kind of processing is mainly to use the flame to quickly walk the appearance of the cloth, the burning of the nap, and then use the high temperature roller for the cloth appearance, so as to make the cloth appearance lubrication, simple ash. This not only improves the function of dust filtration, but also satisfies the collection of fine dust.

2. Antistatic treatment:

At a certain concentration of dust, a spark can explode and ignite. So about inflammable or explosive dust must choose through the antistatic treatment of needle felt filter material. Antistatic filter material refers to the fiber of the filter material mixed with conductive fiber or fabric weave conductive function of the strip yarn or lattice yarn branch, so that all filter material has conductive function, the use of electrostatic filter material through the filter material to guide the dust collector box and the ground, to prevent the formation of electrostatic spark explosion.

3. Water-proof and oil-proof treatment:

This paper adopts the post-treatment method of dipping and drying the needled felt filter material with waterproof and oil-proof additives. The surface of the filter bag has hydrophobicity, and the water droplets can form the role of rolling on the lotus leaf on the surface of the cloth, which is easier to catch dust, preventing and alleviating the situation of paste bag and corroding cloth bag caused by dew when the temperature difference is large.

4. Easy-to-clean ash treatment:

Usually mirror treatment, the surface layer with fine denier fiber surface layer acupuncture on the surface of the cloth, so that the cloth has an excellent function of cleaning the ash, and can work for a long time under high filtration wind speed.

5. PTFE film coating treatment:

If the particle size of dust is less than 1 micron, or dust has a great adhesion, or when the humidity containing gas is large, the general filter material is unable to be effectively filtered. Polytetrafluoroethylene as the material of the film mulching filter material, not only high filtration accuracy, and appearance lubrication, will not adhere to the dust, easy to clear ash, dust will not permeate into the internal filter material.

6. Thermal setting treatment:

In addition to the post-processing of the dust bag, the filter material used in the dust bag should also be hot shaped. The function of thermal setting is to eliminate the residual stress during the processing of the filter bag, making the filter bag stable in size and flat in appearance. If the scale of the filter bag is not stable, deformation of the filter bag will easily occur in the process of application, which will increase the conflict between the filter bag and the cage bone, and the cage bone in the filter bag will be difficult to extract. In serious cases, dust accumulation will occur.