Air filter bag introduction

- Nov 03, 2019-

Air filter bag introduction

Includes air conditioning system filter bag and dust bag. Air conditioning system filter bag is mainly used to filter dust particles in air supply system to meet the requirements of dust-free production environment. Dust-collecting bag is mainly used for industrial tail gas treatment of exhaust air system.

Dust bag: dust bag refers to the cloth bag in the bag filter, which is made of dust cloth. In thermal power, steel, and cement industry production process, will produce large amounts of dust, causing serious pollution of the atmosphere, so the country for this kind of atmospheric emissions has a strict requirement of the enterprise, which is one of the widely used of bag-type dust collector ideal dust removal way, dust bag dust filter bag) is known as the heart of the bag filter, the dedusting effect plays a very important role. 

Two important aspects that determine the quality of the dust bag are the quality of the dust cloth (dust removal material), such as high temperature resistance index, filtration accuracy, and air permeability. 

On the other hand, the manufacturing technology and quality of bags are also important factors. Poor production will lead to the occurrence of powder leakage. Dust bag mainly includes filter press bag, filter bag, glass fiber high temperature filter cloth (bag); Polyester filter cloth (bag); Flumez needled felt filter cloth (bag); 

Microporous membrane (PTFE) filter bags and other chemical fiber woven filter bags, nonwoven filter bags.

Dust bag features: high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, folding resistance, easy to clean ash, water repellent, oil proof, anti-static and other characteristics.

Dust filter bag application: widely used in iron and steel, cement, chemical industry, power plant, road construction, metallurgy, food processing.