Analysis of factors related to the type of air filter element and whether there is a replacement cycle

- May 21, 2019-

Analysis of factors related to the type of air filter element and whether there is a replacement cycle

Air filter element, which is a specific type of filter element, and from the current point of view, this kind of filter element is widely used, so we need to have a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding before we know how to properly use and achieve the purpose of use, and the following, is to explain and explain the relevant knowledge to achieve the purpose.

1. What are the considerations for air filter element selection?

Air filter that a filter of choose and buy the products, its on the related factor is some guidelines, the specific is as follows: in the factors associated with the product to choose, there is a important and essential factor, want to know what is important to consider what is necessary to consider factors and factors, and the need to consider all factors in the process of considering is a can't miss, so as not to affect the product's right to choose.

2. Does the type of air filter determine the type of air filter element used?

The type of air filter determines the type of filter element used. From a professional point of view, the answer to this question is not necessarily, because it can only be decided after looking at the specific situation. Air filters can be divided into filter type, centrifugal type, oil bath type and compound type according to the principle of filtration. Air filters commonly used in engines are inertia oil bath type, paper dry type and polyurethane filter core type.

3. The air filter element is the same as the filter element for liquid filtration. Is there any replacement cycle?

Air filters, like those used to filter liquids, also have replacement cycles. Different types of filter elements have different replacement cycles for water filtration. PP filter elements have three months, activated carbon filter elements have six months, and ceramic filter elements have nine to 12 months. Therefore, the air filter is the same, we should have a correct understanding of this point.

4. Is the filter paper in the air filter element important?

The filter paper in the air filter element is an important part from a professional point of view, because it is related to the normal use of the air filter element and its filtering effect, so it cannot be treated lightly and carelessly. Quality filter paper should be able to filter impurities effectively and have a strong ability to store dirt. In addition, it also has high requirements for the strength of filter paper, which can resist strong airflow, ensure the filtration efficiency and quality, and extend the service life of the air filter element.