Analysis of using filter bag and liquid filter bag

- Mar 08, 2019-

Analysis of using filter bag and liquid filter bag



Filter bag, which is a common and commonly used filter element, and mainly in a variety of filtering operations, and from the current point of view, this filter element is widely used in some industries and fields. Therefore, the need to have a certain understanding and understanding of the filter bag, so as to know how to properly use the filter bag in the appropriate occasions, and have a good use effect.



1. Is the filter bag a filter bag?


Filter bag and filter bag, from a professional point of view, these are two different filter elements, this is because:



The filter bag, which is a kind of filter element, is mainly used in filtering operation, and has good chemical stability and heat resistance. In the material, there are PP, PE, PTFE and so on. In addition, it can also be used in the dust remover, and is an important and key components of the dust remover. In addition, in the fabric and design of the bag, should try to achieve efficient filtration, easy to remove dust and durable. Based on the above description of the bag, we can conclude that there are some differences between the bag and the bag, not the same.



2. Can I choose different types of filter bags according to different requirements?


Professionally speaking, the answer to this question is yes, that is, different types of filter bags can be selected according to different requirements. And on filter bag specific kind, it is to have bag of medium effect filter, air filter, liquid filter, bag of primary effect filter to wait for these, choose which kind, it is by use environment and use requirement will decide.



3. Is the liquid filter bag necessary for liquid filtration?


Liquid filter bag, this is a specific type of filter bag, it is mainly used in the liquid filter, so in the food industry will be used. However, whether the liquid filter bag is necessary in the liquid filtration, the answer to this question is not necessarily, is to see the actual situation and the use of demand, decided by the two. If the use of liquid filter bags to filter the liquid, it is mainly used to filter milk, fruit juice, mineral water, wine, wine and cooking oil in these liquid particles impurities, suspended matter and pulp, etc., to achieve the purpose of filtration and good filtering effect.