Application field of liquid filter bag

- Jan 24, 2020-

Application field of liquid filter bag

Automotive pre-treatment, electrophoretic paint, topcoat, varnish, primer, paint loop filtration, parts cleaning fluid, drawing lubricants, lubricants, metal processing fluid and pump inlet filter filtration.

Chemical catalyst recovery, filtration pipeline system impurities, polishing process media, alkaline and acidic liquids as well as solvent, emulsion and dispersion of filtration, removal of gel resin. In the fine chemical industry, activated carbon or catalyst removal is a typical example of the application of high standards in chemical treatment. Eaton filter bag can not only meet the requirements of high efficiency filtration, but also extend the service life and improve the reliability.

Electronic cost - effective wafer and chip processing, electronic etching acid bath, photochemical polishing, high purity water filtration and various membrane filtration processes. Eaton filter bag has the necessary purity and efficiency, and the performance is consistent.

Food and beverage filtration of wine, spirits and beer, removal of particles from edible oils, removal of carbon black from cellulose, polishing of gelatin, liquid syrups, syrups, corn syrups, starch processing, milk processing and removal of putty from soft drinks. Many Eaton filter bags comply with FDA and EC food processing standards and meet the specific needs of these applications.

Metal processing hydraulic oil filtration, pretreatment system filtration, precious metal recovery, metal processing fluid and drawing lubricant. Part cleaning device USES our filter bag to reduce residual dirt on parts.

Removal of paint and varnish aggregates, removal of paint condensation, solvent filtration, removal of storage contaminants, filling lines, paint mixing lines and monomer purification.

Petrochemical lubricants, filtration of fuel additives, enhanced oil recovery, amine solution filtration, ethylene glycol liquid filtration, gas purification processes, distillation and cracking processes, amine cleaners, Marine filtration stations, oil drilling and injection fluids.

Recovery of valuable pharmaceutical active ingredients, catalyst regeneration, activated carbon purification and removal, gelatin filtration, hormones, vitamin extracts, drug preparation polishing, plasma protein removal, salt solution filtration.

Resin, plastic, ink and coating oil and polymer filtration, dispersion, polymer blends, special resins for canned coatings, plastic ingredients, printing inks, plastic processing, paper coatings, high purity ink-jet liquid filtration.

Water treatment well water filtration, water treatment plants, desilting, pipe descaling, desalination and algae removal of seawater, ion exchange resin recovery, calcium deposition removal, chemical filtration for water treatment, cold water tower removal