Application of air filter in FMC cartridge dust collector

- Oct 29, 2019-

Application of air filter in FMC cartridge dust collector

The application range of air filter is really wide. Today, I would like to introduce how it is applied in the FMC cartridge dust collector. The FMC cartridge dust collector is suitable for capturing and filtering dry dust and flue gas.

The FMC reverse jet cartridge filter series is designed for continuous operation of industrial process filtration and dust collection applications - using the patented man UniClean cartridge technology for maximum cleaning efficiency and longer life. These collectors will have a high-precision air filter that is ideal for removing potentially irritating and harmful fine dust and fumes.

Compact design and side removal filter media for easy maintenance. FMC can accommodate two sizes of filter components (standard and long), suitable for height and/or emission constrained Spaces.

Air volume range: 3.100 to 21.000 m3/ h (1,825 to 12,300 CFM)

Main features of FMC cartridge dust collector

Strong galvanized steel construction

It is not affected by climate and can be used outdoors

Equipped with high efficiency air filter

Integrated preseparator

Perform all maintenance from the front end of the device

ATEX related features by independent test (FMCZ), suitable for explosive dust

Efficient cross-flow/downflow intake mode

Various integrated or remote fans

Typical dust control and process applications

Bulk material handling - conveying, screening, filtering, mixing, container/bin ventilation

Manufacturing and distribution of building materials

Chemical, plastic and pharmaceutical powders

Welding, plasma and other cutting processes