Application of liquid filter bag

- May 25, 2020-

Application of liquid filter bag 

Applications in the food and beverage industry:

Food and beverage wine, liquor and beer to remove suspended solids and sediments, oil particles and polishing, removing of carbon black in cellulose, gelatin, polishing liquid syrup, syrup, corn syrup and intercept made carbon from the sugar to ink and filter aid, starch processing and milk processing and soft drinks in the mud removal, filling before the security filter, all kinds of process water, syrup raw materials such as filtration, removal of harmonic process impurities are available in liquid filter bag.

Applications in the fine chemical industry:

Chemical catalyst recovery, filtration of pipe system impurities, polishing process media, alkaline and acidic liquids, filtration of solvents, emulsions and dispersions, removal of gels, acrylics and adhesive emulsions from resins.

Applications in water treatment industry:

Water filtration water treatment, water treatment plants, mud, pipe descaling or calcifications, raw water filtration, filtration of wastewater treatment chemicals, ultrafiltration membrane, a prerequisite for the RO membrane protection, obstruct the floc, jelly, liquid for the purification of membrane filtration and filtration often can see in the liquid filter bag, and intercept ion exchange resin, the water of the sea bed cleaning and algae to remove recovery, ion exchange resin, calcium deposition, used for filtration of water treatment chemicals, cooling tower equipment dust can also filter bags to achieve purpose.