Application of liquid filter bag (ii)

- May 26, 2020-

Application of liquid filter bag (ii)

Applications in the pharmaceutical industry:

Liquid filter bag can also be used for sterilizing and filtering aseptic API, vaccine, biological products, blood products, infusion, buffer solution, reagent water, eye preparation and freeze-dried powder injection. Recovery of pharmaceutical precious active ingredients, regeneration of catalysts, purification and removal of activated carbon, gelatin filtration, hormones, vitamin extracts, polishing plasma protein removal of medicinal preparations, salt solution filtration.

Application in paint and paint viscose industry:

Electrophoresis paint filter, the protection of the ultrafiltration filter, degreasing process, phosphating liquid filter, electrophoresis paint oil removal, cleaning fluid, filtering, metallic paint, paint and varnish reunion condensation particle removal, paint removal, solvent filtration, storage, cleanup, filling line, coating line and monomer purification, filtration, liquid silica gel filtration of viscose, these can be done by liquid filter bag.

Application in resin plastic ink industry:

Resin, plastic, ink and coating oil and polymer filter, dispersion, polymer compound, special resin for can coating, plastic ingredients, printing ink, plastic processing, paper coating, high purity inkjet liquid filter, liquid filter bag is also applicable. In addition, remove the fiber in the paint, gel, filter solvent, filter grinding fineness is not up to standard particles, remove mixed reaction after the particle impurities, remove the gel coating of the condensate, remove the oil in the paint is also available.