Application range of different filter bags

- Jul 01, 2020-

Application range of different filter bags

The filter bag is not an ordinary bag as people think, it is actually a kind of filter element, with good filtering effect. Filter bags are made of various materials, and there are various kinds of such components in the market, which are divided into liquid filter bags, air filter bags, dust removal bags and so on.

Different types of filter bags can be used in different industries. 

Take liquid filter bag for example, this filter bag has more advantages in use, not only can be placed in the product in use labels or ink pollution to the filtrate, but also its wide range of filtration, its filtration accuracy between 0.5 micron and 300 micron. This filter bag is widely used in food, ink, paint, chemical and other industries and products, and can be used repeatedly, without causing waste. 

Dust removal bag is also a kind of filter bag. The biggest feature of dust removal bag is that it is easy to clean the dust, and has high strength anti-corrosion function. 

It is also widely used in power plant, chemical industry and other industries. In a word, the filter bag has a large function and many kinds, which can meet the requirements of various industries.

 In the purchase, as long as you understand the specific role of the product, you can rest assured of the purchase.