Are dust removal cartridges widely used and how to select fiberglass cartridges

- Mar 01, 2019-

Are dust removal cartridges widely used and how to select fiberglass cartridges?



The filter cartridge is a filter element and is a common and commonly used filter element. In order to properly use this filter element, a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding are required so as to achieve the purpose. At the same time, after the reasonable use of the filter cylinder, can have good use effect and achieve the purpose of use.



1. Comparison of filter cartridges and bag filters


Filter cartridge and filter bag filter, they can play the role of filtration, and the filtration efficiency can reach 99.5%. Nevertheless, tell from professional Angle, filter canister and filter bag precipitator still have a few distinction, its specific it is to be in charge of cost, equipment volume and cover an area of an area and form these 3 respects go up, and choose which, it is by use environment and filter requirement will decide.



2. Is the dust removal cartridge in the cartridge widely used?


In the filter cartridge, there is a specific type of dust removal filter cartridge, its application range from the current point of view, can be said to be very broad, as long as the occasion of the need for dust removal, can use the filter element dust removal filter cartridge, used to filter out the dust particles in the working environment. However, there are some precautions in the use of it, which are as follows:



(1) check regularly whether the dust removal filter cartridge is damaged or damaged, and replace the new filter cartridge in time to avoid affecting the normal use of the filter cartridge.


(2) if the filter cartridge is installed on the equipment for use instead of being used alone, the equipment should be checked frequently to see if there is any fault and it will affect the use of the filter cartridge.


(3) the object of use of the dust removal cartridge, it is necessary to know that the dust with strong viscosity and hygroscopicity cannot be used, because of the problem of clogging. In addition, if it is used to filter high-temperature and high-humidity gas, the filter barrel should be heat preservation treatment, not careless.



3. How to select glass fiber filter cartridge?


Glass fiber filter cartridge is a specific type of filter cartridge. Its selection mainly depends on the following aspects: first, whether the filter material material is suitable and whether the manufacturing process is reasonable, and whether the product has a long service life; The second is to have a clear understanding of dust characteristics, and know the size of the filter cartridge treatment air; Third, some important parts in the filter cylinder and whether it has a good sealing performance, because it is related to the normal use, in addition, in the product packaging, is to see whether the packaging is reasonable and can avoid damage or damage in the process of transportation.