Are filter cartridges selected carefully and how to select

- May 22, 2019-

Are filter cartridges selected carefully and how are they selected?

Filter cartridge, which is a filter element and is widely used, so need to have a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding, so as to achieve the correct and reasonable use of the product and have good use effect, and not because of the wrong use and other adverse effects.

1. Is the selection of filter cartridge prudent?

From a professional point of view, the choose and buy of filter cartridge is to carefully and seriously and conduct, and also must to do this, because if the contempt and careless treatment of prone to errors, in turn, affect the normal use of filter cylinder and its use effect, and may be the cause of waste products and bring certain economic losses to the user, and based on these, just can have a conclusion and specific requirements.

2. Can the filter cartridge be used on the dust collector?

Filter cartridge can be used in the dust collector, and this kind of dust remover can be called filter cartridge dust remover, its dust removal efficiency is higher than the old dust remover, and can greatly reduce harmful emissions. However, it is necessary to select suitable filter cartridges according to the requirements of the dust collector and dust removal, so as to ensure that the filter cartridge can be used normally, and has good performance and dust removal effect.

3. Comparison of filter cartridge and filter bag

Filter cartridge and bag, they are filter elements, and from the current point of view, these two filter elements are more applications. However, they should be separated in use to avoid false choices. By comparing the filter cartridge with the filter bag, the following conclusions can be obtained:

(1) in use, it is necessary to avoid clogging or breakage of the filter cartridge and bag, or the cost will be increased due to frequent replacement.

(2) if both of them can meet the filtration requirements and can adapt to the filtration environment, the two filtration elements can be used interchangeably in no special case. However, if one of them does not meet the requirements, they cannot be used interchangeably.

4. Are there different types of filter cartridges? How to choose?

Cartridge from the professional point of view, there are different kinds, in particular, there is a polyester filter cartridge, wood pulp fiber filter cartridge, cartridge laminating waterproof, prevent oil filter cartridge and antistatic filter tube, such as the specific how to select, is determined by using the environment and use requirements, one of its basic satisfy conditions, is to have a good filtering effect and purpose of use.