Attention points for the use of industrial filter bags

- Jun 22, 2019-

  Attention points for the use of industrial filter bags

The use of industrial filter bags should be noted as follows:

1. Replace the filter bag by blowing it clean with compressed air, and then check whether there are any broken holes. Any broken holes are repaired and left for replacement. If the filter bag is covered with dust, rinse it with water and let it dry before replacement.

2. The old and new filter bags should not be mixed, so as to avoid different damage times affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

3, press cloth should not be hung too loose or too tight, too loose easy to dust, too tight easy to pull out.

The above is about the industrial press cloth in the use of bag filter need to pay attention to the place, and to know about the use of wooden ear machine precautions:

1. When unloading the filter cake, the unloading tool should be parallel to the press cloth as far as possible to prevent damage to the filter bag.

2. Stop when the filter cake is of proper thickness, and work after unloading the cake to extend the service life of the filter bag.

3. When replacing the filter bag, it is not possible to directly hold the filter bag with a hard object and pull it down, but apply force to pull the sewing auxiliary belt on the filter bag.

4. When installing the fungus filter bag, do not hang the filter bag on a hard object to avoid damage to the synthetic fiber and perforation of the filter bag in the short term.