Attention points when sewing filter bags

- Jun 13, 2019-

                                                     Attention points when sewing filter bags

Sewing: the production of filter bag mouth and mouth of blanking is commonly a parallelogram, to sew it into tubular first, then packed in elastic ring and concave groove components, pay attention to its edges tidy, ensure the article into the concave groove groove width narrowing phenomenon occurs with the circumferential seam at the same time delay one week as close to the elastic ring and concave groove stitching on the edge of the component. There is no deviation between the bag mouth and the bag body when sewing, and the spacing of the three-circle seam should be uniform and beautiful. The material used must be the same as or higher than that of the filter bag.

Filter bag bag body sewing: six line machine sewing the bag body USES three needle stitch should be flat with no lines, jumpers, off phenomenon, the needle distance between 3.3 to 4.2 mm, the outer edge stitch is apart from 2 to 3 mm, longer sewing stitch when filter bag is easy to shift phenomenon, ensure upper and lower two pieces of synchronization in the process of sewing seam line, avoid torsional filter bag sewing stitch.

Making and sewing of the bottom of filter bag: the bottom of the bag is usually sewn with a reinforcing layer, whose height is generally 60 to 100 mm. Reinforcement layer seam into tubular first, and then the outer edge of the seam to the bottom, and the joint line mark with filter bag bag body crack line mark stagger, reinforcement layer of circumferential using single or double needle sewing needle 1 to 2 weeks, sewing bag, such as controlled by single needle and thread trace spacing, sewing thread in 4 to 5 mm, and the outer suture line mark the distance from the edge should be 4 to 5 mm.

The tension should be adjusted to reach the specified value when the filter bag is installed

Reliable and effective ash removal: the pressure difference inside and outside the filter bag should be kept within the set range through effective ash removal and dust isolation in use. Prevent sudden abnormal situation: when the cloth bag dust collector is running, it should prevent sudden abnormal situation, so that the temperature, humidity, chemical corrosion, mechanical wear or impact and other factors exceed the endurance of the filter bag and damage. The service life of the filter bag of the cloth bag filter is not the same as all the others. If the use cycle of the filter bag is longer, the maintenance of the equipment should be paid attention to during the use of the bag filter equipment.

Installation mode: external filter bag installation mode: the mouth of the bag and the porous plate are sealed and fixed reliably. The filter bag is suspended vertically under the porous plate. The adjacent filter bags do not collide with each other. Installation mode of inner filter bag: the upper end of the filter bag is equipped with a bag cap, which is suspended on the beam of the dust collector by hanging device. The lower end is sealed and fixed reliably with the lower bag, and the tension is adjusted to reach the specified value, so that the filter bag does not loosen and fall off when filtering and backblowing