Attention should be paid to the installation of liquid filter bag

- Aug 29, 2019-

Attention should be paid to the installation of liquid filter bag

1. Take out the new liquid filter bag. The new filter bag seals the cartons.

2. Turn off the power supply, stop the pump, and close the inlet and outlet valves (for users who have replaced the filter bag).

3. Release pressure. For safety, make sure that the nozzle is in a safe place. Open the exhaust valve to slowly reduce the filter pressure (for the user who has replaced the filter bag).

4. Open the lid to ensure that the pressure drop of filter cylinder is zero. Take out your used filter bag. (for users who have already used filter bags).

5. Make sure the edge of filter is cleaned.

6. Check the arc degree and edge of the net basket. The upper edge of the basket must be flat in contact with the filter cylinder. If there is no net basket or the net basket installation error will lead to the filtering failure.

7. Install new liquid filter bag. The filter bag must be inserted into the net basket.

8. Check gaskets and select gaskets compatible with fluid. Close the lid, especially when closing the filter lid, make sure the washer is not twisted or out of slot, and tighten the collar nut clockwise.

9. Close the exhaust valve and turn on the pump switch. Open the inlet valve and slowly open the valve to see if there is leakage. In case of leakage, immediately close the inlet valve and open the outlet valve from a new start.

So the liquid filter bag is installed. If you have any questions, please contact us