Automatic mode of filter cartridge

- Jul 10, 2020-

Automatic mode of filter cartridge

In the process of using the filter cartridge, many users will encounter such a problem, that is, after the device works for a period of time, the filtering effect begins to decline significantly, and the amount of absorbed particles and dust also begins to decrease, which will seriously affect people's work and life.  

When it is found that the filtering effect of the filter device is not good, it should be considered to clean the filter device, because the filter device will absorb a lot of impurities and dust in the process of working, working efficiency will decline for a long time, so it is necessary to clean the ash in time.

There are two main automatic ways of the filter cartridge, one is the high pressure gas pulse backblowing way and the other is the mechanical vibration way. 

The rapid expansion force is used to remove the dust in the device. Mechanical vibration ash cleaning is mainly used in small filter devices. 

The principle of this kind of ash cleaning is mainly based on the shaking power generated by the device to achieve the purpose of ash cleaning. 

But the problem that needs to pay attention to is, when using this way of clearing ash, can not let the machine live work, but should let the machine stop first, and then the operation.

After working for a period of time, it is necessary to consider replacing the filter cartridge. 

As the number of cleaning times of the filter cartridge increases, the filter effect of the filter cartridge will obviously decline. 

If the filter cartridge is not replaced in time, some other faults may be caused, which will bring more inconvenience to the production.

When purchasing the filter cartridge, it is suggested that the staff should carefully ask the cleaning method of the filter device and what problems should be paid attention to during the cleaning process, so as to ensure the performance advantage of the device.