Auxiliary tools for filter bag and cleaning cycle

- Jul 09, 2019-

Auxiliary tools for filter bag and cleaning cycle

Filter bag in the process of use is becoming more and more frequent, for many of the industry, the filter bag is indispensable, filter bag is mainly what dirty substance, it adopted by the material also is very good, we are living under the environment of there are a lot of dust, filter bag has the effect of purification, to be able to clean the impurities in the air, make the air more pure and fresh, also let us can breathe the fresh air, make our body more healthy.

Filter bag in the operation does not need other auxiliary tools, in use will be very convenient and economic health, making the filter bag material affects the stand or fall of it, so a good filter bag material it must be very good, the operation is very simple, as long as the observation of the dust on the filter bag can know how its dust removal effect, the usefulness of it really is very big, can not only filter the air we breathe, make our life better, but also can remove some of the other material, and our life is closely linked.

Filter bag also should timely cleaning, to some extent in the process of cleaning only need to add a bit of cleaning fluid, effective on the bubble of more than ten minutes, only can put the filter bag impurities are clean up, when they have to pay attention to the wash with warm water to wash, can wash cleaner, because its material is made of fabric, so it is good to wash.

The adjustment of the dust removal cycle and time of the filter bag is an important factor affecting the dust collection performance and operation condition during the operation. If the dust removal time is too long during the operation, the dust layer will be removed and become the cause of leakage and damage of the filter bag. If the cleaning time is too short and the dust on the filter bag has not been removed, the filtration operation will be resumed, which will quickly restore the resistance and gradually increase, and finally affect the use effect.

As a filter element, filter bag guide is a key link in the process of filtration. The quality of filter bag determines the filtering effect of users to a large extent. The filter bag is made of the filter cloth produced by world-renowned enterprises and equipped with patent ring and professional production equipment