Basic performance and characteristics of air filter in subway

- Dec 30, 2019-


Basic performance and characteristics of air filter in subway

I. structure and material of subway air filter:

The air filter mainly consists of bottom frame, single frame, filter unit, drive mechanism, electric actuator and local control box.

1. Bottom frame: used for fixing monomer frame, welded by 10# light channel steel.

2. Monomer frame: it is used to support the filter unit and drive system, and it is welded by 2mm thick galvanized steel plate.

3. Filter unit: it is the basic unit of the openable air filter, which is composed of the filter material and its frame.

4, the filter material is made of stainless steel mesh and aluminum mesh, washable, acid and alkali resistant, low resistance, high efficiency and can be easily removed and installed for cleaning operations.

5. The electric actuator drives the filter unit to make reciprocating movement within the range of 0°~90° through the driving mechanism, thus completing the opening and closing action.

6. Electronically controlled local control box: the local control of air filter can be turned on, central control can be automatically switched on, the station control can be turned on air filter, local control has priority.

Ii. Operating principle of subway air filter

After the air containing dust enters the filter, the filter will intercept the return to the city and then attach to the surface of the filter material, causing the air pressure difference before and after the filter to increase. When the pressure difference reaches the preset value, the pressure difference alarm of the air filter will alarm. At this point, the filter unit is fully open through the drive mechanism, and the filter material is replaced.

Cleaning: soak the dust-collecting filter in a sink containing detergent, dip it in with a soft brush, then rinse it with clean water, dry it or air dry it for reuse.

Iii. Main technical performance of subway air filter:

1. Effective filtration area ratio >70%;

2. Initial resistance <50Pa, final resistance 100Pa;

3. Filtering efficiency >20%;

4. The filter material of the filter can be compressed by natural airflow resistance, with better sealing effect;

5. The frame structure of the unit can withstand 1500Pa of positive and negative static pressure and maintain stability without permanent deformation;

6. Under the environment of 250℃, the frame structure of the unit will not collapse and block the wind passage within 1 hour;

7. All components of the group are made of non-combustible materials;

8. The filter is installed with a temperature sensor. When the temperature reaches the set value, the filter can be opened;

9. Floor control box protection grade: IP54.