Characteristics and application of PPS filter bag

- Aug 19, 2020-

Characteristics and application of PPS filter bag

PPS bag refers to the bag which is matched with the bag filter. In the production process of thermal power generation, steel and cement industry, a lot of dust will be produced, causing serious pollution to the atmosphere. Therefore, the state has strict requirements on the atmospheric emissions of such enterprises, bag type dust removal is a widely used ideal dust removal method. Dust bag (dust filter bag) is called the heart of the bag filter, which plays a very important role in the dust removal effect. Two important factors determining the quality of dust bag are the quality of dust cloth (dust material), such as high temperature resistance, filtration accuracy and air permeability. On the other hand, the manufacturing process and quality of the package are also important factors. Bad labor causes powder to leak. The polyphenylene sulfide dust bag mainly includes the filter cloth bag, the glass fiber high temperature filter bag; Polyester filter bag; Needle felt filter bag; Various chemical fiber woven bags, such as microporous membrane (PTFE) filter bags and non-woven bags.

Features of PPS dust bag:

The PPS dust bag has high strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, bending resistance, and easy ash content, and the water-repellent and oil-repellent performance.

The application of PPS dust removal is made of cloth bags.

PPS bag dust removal is widely used in steel, cement, chemical industry, power plant, road construction, metallurgy, food processing and other industries.

Features of PPS dust bag development: synthetic fiber filter bag, non-woven filter bag is made of synthetic fiber by special weaving technology method, avoiding the discomfort caused by old glass fiber composite material to human health. The filter material mainly contains electrostatic fiber, which has excellent filtration efficiency in micron dust environment in China, high dust capacity, high air permeability and long service life of network.