Charring effect on the filter bag

- Aug 04, 2020-

Charring effect on the filter bag

During liquid operation above the filter bag, the filter surface of the treated filtrate may be scorched to prevent the fibers from separating from the filtrate and clogging the filter hole. Traditional roller processing will shorten the life of the filter bag.

The material of the liquid filter bag is white, not bleached or dyed, which meets the environmental protection standard. Because of the three-dimensional filter layer of needled felt, the liquid flow filter bag, and because of the deep filtration mechanism, the particles will remain on the inner wall surface of the filter bag and the deep liquid, and have high efficiency of collecting solid or colloidal particles.

The liquid needling felt with filter bag has uniform thickness, stable opening rate and strength, and has the efficiency of filter bag and long service life. In the production process, the five-needle and two-needle sewing method is adopted to make each liquid pass through the filter bag to achieve the filtering effect.

The filter bag above is mainly used to separate liquid suspension through porous media. In the filtration process, the liquid in the suspension directly intercepts the solid particles through the medium channel under the action of its external force, and the solid particles are directly intercepted and separated. In general, the filter suspension is called filter suspension, and the porous medium used is called filter medium. The liquid passing through a medium channel is called filtration. The remaining solid material is called filter cake or filter residue.