Classification of dust removal filter bags

- Apr 11, 2020-

Classification of dust removal filter bags

Common methods are classified according to cleaning methods. Generally speaking, the name of the dust bag is named after the cleaning method. According to the cleaning method, the dust bag can be divided into five categories: mechanical vibration type, divided chamber back blowing type, nozzle back blowing type, vibration back blowing type, pulse blowing type.  

(1) mechanical vibration level

Mechanical devices (including manual, electromagnetic or pneumatic devices) are used to make the filter bag vibrate and clean the dust bag. There are two configurations of non-compartmental junction structure suitable for intermittent work, which are suitable for continuous operation. Mechanical vibration dust collection bag is divided into low frequency vibration dust collection bag, medium frequency vibration dust collection bag and high frequency vibration dust collection bag.

(2) chamber blowback

Adopt compartment structure, use valve to switch the airflow in the chamber, and under the action of the reverse airflow, force the filter bag to shrink or bulge and clean the dust bag.  

Chamber blow dust bag is divided into two levels of recoil dust bag (cleaning process is only two kinds of working condition, namely "filter" and "after blowing"), and the compartment of the three-level recoil dust bag (cleaning process has' filter ', 'back', 'settling' three working conditions), chamber pulse counter blowing dust bag (recoil airbag with pulse supply).  

(3) nozzle blowback

Backflow is provided by a high-pressure blower or compressor, which is recoiled by a moving nozzle to deform and shake the filter bag and clear the dust bag through the filter material.

The anti-blowing anti-dust bag of the nozzle is divided into air ring anti-blowing anti-dust bag (the nozzle is circular stitching), rotating anti-blowing anti-dust bag (the pointed rod is round or round), reciprocating anti-blowing anti-dust bag (the nozzle is mouth shape), rotating anti-blowing anti-dust bag, reciprocating anti-blowing anti-dust bag.  

(4) vibration back blowing and use

Mechanical vibration (including electromagnetic vibration or pneumatic vibration) and backblow two cleaning methods and dust bag (both compartment structure).  

Vibration backwash and dustproof bags are divided into low-frequency vibration backblow dust bags (low-frequency vibration and backblow), medium-frequency vibration backblow dust bags (medium-frequency vibration and backblow) and high-frequency vibration backblow dust bags (high-frequency vibration and backblow).