Clean the air filter by yourself

- Jul 12, 2020-

Clean the air filter by yourself

1.There are clamps around the empty filter cover, which must be checked well, otherwise efforts will cause damage to the cover or clip.

2. When you open the empty filter cover and see the white air filter element inside, you may think it is a new filter element, but it is not true. This is actually the back of the filter, and the air is coming in from the bottom, so this side is clean.

3.The back of the empty filter, that's what it looks like.

4. After removing the empty filter, in fact, the inlet side will be very dirty, we can use a clean cloth to wipe clean.

5. Clean air filter element, it is best not to wash with water like air conditioning filter element, because the air filter element is a large department of oily materials, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the surface of stolen goods can, if it is too dirty or suggest direct replacement. Because after the oil filter element is washed, the filter will be greatly reduced, the filter particles will also

increase, enter the engine opportunity is not worth the cost.