Cleaning method of dust bag

- Mar 20, 2020-

Cleaning method of dust bag

The cleaning of dust removal bag is a bit troublesome, if do not control skill, may appear the phenomenon that cleans not clean. 

Dust removal skeleton and scale accuracy, all solder joints are very strong, no off welding, virtual welding, and leakage welding;

 The structure of the dust collector and the filter bag can be lubricated by touching the surface, and the structure and appearance of the dust collector bag can be plated or painted. 

In order to improve the air permeability of the bag, it is necessary to pay attention to the wear of the bag and carefully deal with the bad parts of the bag, so as to avoid the increasingly serious problem of bag damage and save costs. 

Above is the edit summary dust bag cleaning method, if there is what you do not understand, can contact us.