Common problems with air filters and solutions

- Dec 20, 2019-

Common problems with air filters and solutions

What are the causes of equipment failure?

1. Surrounding air enters;

2. Leakage or damage;

3. Problems occur in the assembly process of the system;

4. Internal components and corrosion hydraulic power.

In addition, an important problem in equipment operation is noise. What are the reasons for this?

1. The filter element of the filter is dirty;

2, the spring is very fragile;

3. There are problems with the improvement methods adopted;

4. Sealing gap occurs during the operation of the equipment;

5. Pollution particles entering the equipment.

Faced with this series of problems, we must find appropriate ways to solve them:

1. Timely check and solve the leakage in the system;

2. Make a maintenance plan and implement it strictly;

3. Check the filter regularly, and replace the parts of the system timely.

There are many reasons for the failure of air filter. In case of problems, it is necessary to find out the causes first, and then to deal with the problems according to the instructions so as to ensure the normal operation of equipment.