Common problems with liquid filter bags

- Apr 22, 2020-

Common problems with liquid filter bags

1. The pore size cannot be measured by the deep filtration material. How is the precision determined?

The pore diameter can be determined directly by the material of exterior filter and screen, which is the precision of the filter material. However, it is impossible to determine the appropriate value of deep filtration, so the conventional calibration method is to calibrate a class of materials with the corresponding gram weight, thickness and permeability as a certain rated accuracy. And the standard that each material supplier grasps differs somewhat, but each batch of material all should have strict industry characteristic and complete test data.

2. The nominal accuracy is the same, but the filtering results are different.

In fact, nominal precision in the strict sense is only the nominal precision of the material, and in the real sense of the accuracy is different, can only be used as a class of distinction. And when choosing filter bag should ask clear in the nominal accuracy of the filter power is how much, this is crucial, and this is ignored by most users.

3. The life of my filter bag is short. Why is the same accuracy different?

It is necessary to know that the service life of the filter material is closely related to the permeability of the material. If the permeability of the material is low, the original pressure difference of the filter bag used will be small, the starting pressure will be slow, and the service life of the natural filter bag will be long. The process control of other surface treatment also has an effect on the life of the filter bag. Liquid felt is after the appearance of severe singeing treatment process, if too much to look for the appearance of finish, the appearance of overburned melted fiber will block the filtration channel, will naturally drop through the liquid, improve the pressure drop of the filter material, will eventually drop the service life of the filter bag.