comparison dust collector filter bag with pleated filter cartridge

- Mar 19, 2019-

Dust collector filter bag 

China's bag-type dust remover emerged in the 1950s, because of its high efficiency, stability and reliability, in all walks of life has been widely used, there is a large market share. Its filter bag material also from cotton, wool and other natural fiber progress to the present glass fiber, aromatic polyamide, polytetrafluoroethylene and other new filter material. Subsequent advances in surface treatment technology have also improved its ability to remove dust and remove ash.

However, bag-type dust remover covers a large area, it is not convenient to replace the filter bag and overhaul, and there are many problems such as condensation, sticky bag, hardening and ash removal. Especially in some areas with high dust humidity, the pressure loss and dust removal efficiency will decrease obviously due to bag sticking and hardening. Bag-type dust remover is easy to damage when dealing with large-particle dust. In addition, when the dust is relatively high, the dust removal frequency will increase and the service life of the bag will be reduced.

Pleated filter cartridge 


Strong processing capacity: the filter cartridge dust remover produced by Donaldson company in the United States is taken as an example. The new-type ultra-web filter material is adopted as the filter medium, and the filter material is made into star pleated structure. The filtering area of a standard filter cartridge is 40 times of the same volume of filter bag, greatly improving the processing capacity.

B. long service life: the traditional bag-type dust remover changes the filter bag every 6 months on average, while the service life of the filter cylinder can be up to 2 years, greatly reducing the maintenance cost of the dust remover. (service life depends on specific working conditions)

C. Wide range of inlet concentration: common polyester fiber filter cartridge or filter cartridge can deal with dusty gas with high inlet dust concentration, and the inlet concentration of dusty gas can reach 250 g/m3.

D. Low pressure loss: for ordinary dust particles, the pressure loss of the filter cartridge is 1,000 Pa less. If the powder has a strong adhesive force, the maximum resistance is about 1,500 Pa.

F. Wide range of filter wind speed: the size of the filter speed is related to the material of the filter cylinder. The minimum filtration speed of paper filter cartridges is 0.3 m/min, while that of some materials can reach 2.4 m/min.

G. Washing performance: except for paper filter materials, polyester filter cartridges and coated filter cartridges can generally be cleaned with water and reused after drying;