Comparison of liquid filter and filter components

- Jan 26, 2019-

Comparison of liquid filter and filter components



Liquid filter, this is a specific type of filter, and is mainly used in the filtration of liquid, so this kind of filter is called liquid filter. Now that mentioned filter this one specific kind, below, might as well come good understanding understanding, so, also can have correct understanding to this product.



1. Is there any comparability between the considerations of liquid filter selection?


Liquid filter selection considerations, this is the liquid filter selection must be taken into account, and are important considerations, so, one can not be left out. From a professional point of view, these shopping considerations are not comparable, because they are equally important, no weight. In addition, from another point of view, such a comparison is not meaningful and valuable, so there is no need to carry out the work.



2. Comparison of gas and liquid filters


On the specific types of filter, it is a gas liquid filters and filter the two, and to compare these two kinds of the filter, can be concluded that although both belong to the filter, but there is a obvious difference between these two kinds of filters, first on the filter object is different, the former is for filtering gas, the latter is to filter the liquid. Secondly, in the filter structure and specific application, the two kinds of filters are not the same, so they should be correctly separated, in order to correctly choose and use.



3. Is there a filter screen in the liquid filter? What materials can be used?


Liquid filter, there is a filter this part, and this part in the material, is the use of stainless steel more, so, mainly use stainless steel wire mesh. The stainless steel grades are SUS201, 202, 302, 304, 316, 304L, 316L and 321. In weaving, there are plain weave, twill and weave, and the number of stainless steel wire mesh specifications is 1-635 mesh, in the case of oblique weave patterns can reach 2800 mesh.



4. Can the filter element be used on the liquid filter?


On the liquid filter, the filter element can be used, because the filter element can be used for oil filtration, water filtration, air filtration and other filtration operations.



Air permeability: adopt the fiber aluminum with strong hydrophobic and oil phobic, and adopt the skeleton with high strength and good permeability to reduce the filtration resistance.


Air tightness: if the filter core and filter shell are combined, a seal ring with reliable and good tightness can be adopted to prevent impurities from flowing directly through the filter core.


Corrosion-proof: corrosion-proof reinforced nylon end cap and filter core frame can be used in harsh environments and working conditions.