Control the temperature of the dust filter bag

- Jul 27, 2020-

Control the temperature of the dust filter bag

During the working process of dust filter bag, as long as the temperature resistance condition of dust filter bag allows, the flue gas temperature can be as high as possible, so that the inside can be kept dry. That is to say, the high working temperature of filtration and dust removal, the treatment of air volume is small, the equipment is simple, it is easy to avoid the occurrence of flue gas cooling condensation. Generally, the flue gas temperature is subject to no dew point in the dust removal filter bag. The temperature of high-temperature flue gas filtration should be 200-250℃. There are three advantages in this temperature range:

1, can effectively reduce the processing capacity.

2, can reduce the power consumption, in the treatment cost, power cost accounts for a large proportion, power consumption depends on the treatment of the amount of smoke and pressure drop system, mixing cold air increases the amount of smoke treatment, so the power consumption also increases.

3, to avoid dust filter bag condensation paste bag worry.