Daily maintenance of dust removal bags

- Sep 25, 2020-

Daily maintenance of dust removal bags

In general, the service life of dust bag is one year. Of course, the service life of different cloth bags varies according to the user's usage. We should choose the proper dust bag and pay more attention to the daily protection of dust bag:

1. In the process of deformation, it is suggested to record the pressure difference of the dust removal room and the measurement of the dust removal room exit every hour. If there is an abnormal situation, should be adopted immediately, to deal with.

2. Frequently check whether the electric and gas components of the bag filter can work out of shape; Check the pneumatic parts with air - tightening air quality to ensure the air - tightening is dry and clean.

3. Each shift shall check the ash discharge of the bag filter dust hopper once to ensure that the ash accumulation of the dust hopper does not exceed the concave and convex of the three points of the dust hopper.

4. Monitor the discharge situation at any time. If you find that the chimney is emitting ash, please indicate the smoke breathing path.

5. Always check the pressure of the pulse with the tightening atmosphere; Ensure that the dust pressure of the bag filter is in the standard field.

6. The status of pulse spray pipe should be stopped for inspection and redundant protection, so as to prevent the center of pulse spray nozzle and the center of dedusting bag hole from moving in the direction of each other due to loose, out-of-position and fading of pulse spray pipe connection, thus causing the protection of dedusting bag.

7. Frequently check whether the ballistic trajectory of each chamber of the bag filter can be blocked by dust and whether the flue gas separator can work well.

8. Always check the sealing of the door of the separate room of the bag filter to ensure that all the sealed leather pieces are excellent and no leakage can occur.

9. If there is a broken dust bag, it is necessary to change the dust bag or allow sealing treatment in a timely manner.