Determination method of replacing filter bag

- Apr 04, 2020-

Determination method of replacing filter bag

When to replace the filter bag?

In practice, there are two methods to determine when to replace the filter bag:

1) determine the replacement moment roughly according to the experience.

2) pressure gauges are installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the bag filter. After the pressure difference between the front and rear pressure gauges to determine the moment of replacing the filter bag, the filter bag should be replaced in time to prevent the bag from breaking and affecting the filtering effect.

Step by step filtration

The series device of bag filter can filter step by step.

If the device is used at the front of the filter, the filtration cost can be greatly reduced. In the same way, it can combine the filtration methods such as sand filtration with bag filtration, and then further improve the filtration quality and reduce the cost of the filter bag.

Will from the cleaning machine, centrifugal and bag filter combined, can be used alone, can also be used in series with other principles of the filter, to achieve the role of ambition