Disadvantages of a bag filter

- Mar 18, 2020-

Disadvantages of a bag filter

1. Some flue gas contains more moisture, or the dust it carries has a strong hygroscopic property, which often leads to the binding of the filter bag and the blockage of the filter material. In order to ensure the normal operation of the bag filter, necessary insulation measures must be taken to ensure that the moisture in the gas will not coagulate.

2, some types of bag filter workers working conditions are poor, check and replace the filter bag, need to enter the box.

3, the ability to withstand temperature has certain limits. The temperature tolerance of cotton and wool filter materials is 80-95 degrees, the temperature tolerance of synthetic fiber filter materials 200-260 degrees, and the temperature tolerance of glass fiber filter materials 280 degrees.

Not when the temperature is particularly high, like over 350 degrees, because the filter bag will burn through. There is also the handling of wet and oily dust is also the case of filter bag congestion