Do you have any notes on the dust-bag filter cloth and is the 729 filter cloth available?

- May 25, 2019-

Do you have any notes on the dust-bag filter cloth and is the 729 filter cloth available?

Dust bag, although only three words, but contains a lot of knowledge content, and need to learn to firmly grasp, so as to learn to use and very good luck in the actual work, and can be used in the appropriate occasions reasonable dust bag, to avoid the waste and wrong use of the product.

1. Are there any precautions for the filter cloth used in the dust bag?

The filter cloth used in the dust bag has precautions in use, mainly because the filter cloth cannot be hung too tight or too loose, it is easy to accumulate dust if it is too loose, and it is easy to be pulled down if it is too tight, which will affect the normal use and effect of the dust bag. In addition, the use of filter bags is also to avoid the problem of clogging, because if the dust bag appears clogging problem, it is easy to make the filter cloth wear, perforation and falling off these phenomena.

2. Is the selection of dust bag important to the dust collector?

From a professional point of view, dust bag is an important part of a dust remover, because it plays the two important roles of dust collection and dust removal, so it can be said that the choice of dust bag is very important for a dust remover, can not be ignored and careless treatment, and will affect the dust removal effect of a dust remover. In the selection of dust bag, it is necessary to take into account the temperature, humidity, chemical properties, concentration of dust in the gas, as well as the size and content of dust particles in the gas to choose a suitable dust bag.

3. Is there room temperature type or high temperature type?

Dust bag, it is normal temperature and high temperature type, that is, normal temperature dust bag and high temperature dust bag, and they are not the same material, so, should be selected according to the specific use environment. In addition, the room temperature and high temperature dust bag are different materials, which choose a specific material by the filter requirements to decide.

4.729 can the filter cloth be used on the dust bag?

729 filter cloth is a specific type of filter cloth with good service performance, acid and alkali resistance, small elongation, good air permeability, good dust collection effect and long service life. In terms of dust removal effect, it can reach 98.99%. Therefore, based on the above, the 729 filter cloth can be used in the dust bag, and it can have a good effect of dust collection and dust removal in normal use.