Dust bag changing process

- Sep 30, 2020-

Dust bag changing process

1. Single-section dust collector frame is generally used in indoor space for bag changing. First, remove the dust collector frame bag together and remove the dust collector bag sticking to the dust collector frame with a knife or other special tools. (Do not damage the ash eliminator at work)

The framework structure of the multi-section dust collector can be divided by cutting the dust bag at the interface and removing the dust bag after moving it to an open place.

Iii. During the installation of dust-removing bags, try to ensure that the specifications of dust-removing bags are the same as those of the installation specifications. Defective production and processing of the dust-removing bag filter are the problems easily caused by dust-removing bags. After the dust bag is installed, the mouth of the dust bag is sealed tightly and the hand cannot be rotated.

Iv. The mouth of the dust-removing bag pops out, and there is no capacity after installation.

5, dust bag containing pipe hoop hanging cap structure to do a good job in tightening work, to prevent falling or leakage of steam.