Dust bag selection factors comparison and use

- Jan 23, 2019-

Dust bag selection factors comparison and use  



Dust bag, from its name can know, this is a kind of bag can be used to dust, so it is called dust bag, and, it is mainly used in the dust collector, so the need to have a certain understanding and understanding, in order to be able to properly use in the dust collector, to have good use effect and achieve the purpose of use.



1. Are there any important factors to consider when purchasing dust removal bags?


The choose and buy of dust bag, this is an important job, should take seriously so rise and treat seriously undertake, and not be slitted and careless treat, otherwise, can appear wrong choose and buy to cause product waste and bring economic loss to the user. When purchasing, all relevant factors should be taken into account, so as to make accurate judgment and correct choice. And, there are important factors to consider, but we need to know that, as long as relevant to the purchase of products, are important factors to consider, and can not be considered as some of the factors, so as not to affect the correct purchase of products.



2. Is there any comparability between the manufacturer and the price of the dust bag?


From a professional point of view, dust bag manufacturers and product prices of these two are not comparable, there are two specific reasons, one is that these two are important factors to consider, and are the product selection must be considered in the factors, so they are the same in importance, no weight; Second, such comparisons are meaningless and worthless. And according to this conclusion to further expand, you can know that the dust bag product selection all the relevant factors are not comparable between the need for this work.



3. What should be considered when using the dust bag?


The dust bag can be used in bag-type dust remover, and its service cycle will directly affect the operation state and cost of bag-type dust remover. Therefore, the aspects that should be considered in the use process are as follows:



Filter media: it is mainly to consider the temperature, air humidity, chemical characteristics, particle size, weight, shape, abrasive wear, dust concentration, filtration speed, cleaning mode, discharge concentration and dust collector working system.


Structure design: the main is to have a reasonable structure design, can meet the requirements of the use of dust remover, there is enough filtration area and can be convenient for cleaning and replacement of new.


Dust bag sewing technology: mainly see dust bag whether there is a jump needle and broken seam, and whether there are burrs and other defects.


Dust removal effect: it is mainly about whether the dust removal is effective, safe and reliable, whether the pressure of the dust remover can be maintained within the allowable range, and can be convenient for ash removal.