Dust bag service life and what can be done

- Jan 13, 2019-


Dust bag service life and what can be done



Dust bag, you need to continue to study, understand and grasp, such ability is very good to apply these knowledge flexibly in practical work, thus, to correct the rational use of dust bag, and then, make a good use effect with the product rather than waste products such as problems.



1. How to select the appropriate gas filter material in the dust bag?


Dust bag is mainly used in dust remover, and different dust remover has different parameters and characteristics, so in order to choose the right gas filter material, you must know some relevant parameters, is the temperature, humidity, dust diameter, gas chemical characteristics, dust abrasive, etc., in order to have the correct selection results. In addition, if necessary, but also to consider the dust collector, mainly for the dust collector and the installation of these specific aspects.



2. Service life of dust bag


From a professional point of view, the dust concentration of the gas treated by the dust bag will have a great impact on the resistance and service life of the filter bag, and it is necessary to know that the thicker the dust attached to the surface of the filter bag, the greater the resistance, and will also affect the service life of the dust bag. In addition, there is a square relationship between the resistance of the dust bag and the filter wind speed. If the wind speed is too high, the initial resistance of the filter will increase, which will result in the local perforation of the film, thus basically damaging the service life of the dust bag. Therefore, some attention should be paid to this point, not sloppy.



3. What can be done with the dust bag?


The dust bag can be processed as follows:



Burning and pressing treatment: the rapid walking cloth surface is treated with fluff burning, and then the cloth surface is ironed with high temperature roller to make the cloth surface smooth and easy to be cleaned. This treatment can not only improve the performance of filter material ash removal, but also meet the requirements of fine dust collection.


Antistatic treatment: if the dust is flammable and explosive type, then, must choose the needle felt filter material after antistatic treatment, because this kind of filter material has the electrical conductivity, can be electrostatic guide dust collector box and the ground, to eliminate potential safety hazards.


Water-proof and oil-proof treatment: it is to impregnation the needle felt filter material with fluorocarbon resin and PTFE to make the filter bag easy to collect dust and avoid various problems due to large temperature difference.


Easy ash removal: generally for mirror processing, so that the cloth has good dust removal performance, can work and use for a long time under the high filter wind speed.