Dust bag type and bag mouth diameter adjustment

- May 20, 2019-

Dust bag type and bag mouth diameter adjustment

Dust bag, it can play the role of dust collection and dust removal these two, so in some industries and fields will be used, and the following, is to familiar with and understand the dust bag, through the relevant knowledge of the explanation and elaboration, so that we have a correct understanding of the product, at the same time, also can know how to use reasonably.

1. Is the selection of dust bag prudent?

The selection and purchase of dust removal bags, from a professional point of view, need to be careful and seriously treated and carried out, because if the neglect and careless treatment, will appear wrong choice and bring bad effects, such as the product can not be used normally and waste. What's more, we also need to know that all relevant factors should be taken into consideration when choosing this product, so as to make accurate judgment and correct choice.

2. PTFE coated dust bag in the dust bag

The PTFE coated dust bag in the dust bag, which is a specific type of dust bag, is a layer of PTFE film compounded on the surface of ordinary filter material, that is, PTFE film, and this layer of film can play the role of "primary dust layer", material exchange is carried out on the surface of the film, and can be effectively filtered. In addition, coated filter materials can not only achieve near zero emissions, but also make the powder will automatically fall off, to ensure a good filtering effect.

3. Does the length of dust removal bag have any influence? What areas should be avoided?

Dust bag long too long, will make the dust bag lower wear, so its length can not exceed the length of the bag cage, so as not to filter when the shrinkage is too large and wear. And the place that should avoid to appear on dusting bag, it is filter bag, bag mouth, filter bag length, bag mouth spring coil and sewing thread, should pay special attention to these place so, can undertake checking often.

4. Can the diameter of the bag mouth be adjusted?

The diameter of the bag mouth of the dust removal bag will affect the sealing performance of the filter bag and porous plate. In addition, the size can be adjusted. If the diameter is too large, the filter material can be cut at the equal distance between the groove of the bag mouth, but the cut length shall not exceed 20mm. If the diameter is too small, you can wrap a certain length of edge strip with the same material at the bag mouth. The length of edge strip is determined by the bag mouth