Dust collector bag filter application scope

- Mar 19, 2020-

Dust  collect bag filter application scope

Dust removal system for flue gas treatment in iron plant, steel plant, ferroalloy plant, refractory plant, foundry, power plant, etc. 

Waste incinerator, coal-fired boiler, fluidized bed boiler and other flue gas filtration.

Asphalt concrete mixing, building materials, cement ceramics, lime, gypsum and other production sites. Aluminum electrolysis, lead, tin, zinc, copper and other rare metals smelting flue gas filtration, fine material recovery, liquid and solid separation. Liquid-solid separation and recovery of fine materials in chemical industry, coke, carbon black, dyes, pharmaceuticals, plastics, etc. 

Dust treatment and purification collection of mining, grain processing, flour, electronics industry, wood processing, etc.