Dust collector filter bag specific types and how to choose

- Jan 04, 2019-

Dust collector filter bag specific types and how to choose and buy online



 Dust collector filter bag, is used to play the role of dust bag, so, it is called dust bag. In order to have a correct understanding of this product and its reasonable use, it is necessary to master relevant professional knowledge, so the following, to study dust bag, to achieve the purpose as soon as possible.



1. Do you need to pay attention to the selection of dust bag? What does it have to take into account?


The product choose and buy of dust bag, this is an important job, because it concerns the product whether to use normally and have good use result, cannot despise so and careless treat, otherwise, can cause product waste and bring economic loss to the user. And, as long as related to products of choose and buy, are as important consideration, there are some in these considerations must consider the factors, is for the product origin, detailed parameters, the real-time quotations and prices, product quality, manufacturers and product after-sales service the six, and products using the environment and use requirements of the two, is to decide whether to consider the actual situation.



2. Can I buy a dust bag online?


It is ok to choose and buy dust removal bag on the net, but should choose and buy this product on relevant industry website, and it is very simple and convenient, need to know product and manufacturer specific information and manufacturer contact way only, undertake telephone consultation in order to facilitate. In addition, on the way of choose and buy of this product, besides after-mentioned outside this way, still can look for manufacturing manufacturer to purchase directly, this also is a commonly used way.



3. The specific type of dust bag and the use of dust remover


 Dust collector filter bag, if it is divided according to the sectional shape, can be divided into circular, flat and shaped these three.


Circle: specifically, it is a cylindrical shape, whose specification is expressed by diameter * length, i.e., D * L(mm).


Flat: specifically, it is flat, including rectangle and reminder, whose specification is expressed in circumference * length, i.e. P * L(mm).


Special shape: that is, the bag with special shape, whose specification is expressed by its construction characteristic parameters.



 Dust collector filter bag, it can be used in the dust collector, such as the new environmental protection dust collector, the dust bag used in the dust collector, is concave and convex folding dust bag, its internal frame and external frame combination of the cross-section shape for the relative folding Angle concave and convex forming form. In addition, in the same dust treatment air volume, can increase the filtration area to improve the effect of cleaning dust, at the same time, but also conducive to extending the service life of dust bag.