Dust filter bag selection and principle and quality determinants

- Dec 25, 2018-

Dust filter bag selection and principle and quality determinants



Dust filter bag is a filter element or filter device, mainly used in the filtering operation, and this part is widely used in the application, so, need to be fully familiar with and understand what is dust filter bag and how to use the product properly.



Dust filter bag, which can be considered as the dust bag, and is an important component of bag dust collector, it is generally a cylindrical filter bag and vertically suspended in the dust collector, through this part, it can be very good at removing solid particles in the dust gas, to achieve the purpose of gas purification. In addition, the dust filter bag has the function of dust removal, so it can be considered as a dust removal component or device.



1. Principle and selection of dust filter bag


The action principle of dust bag is as follows: dust particles are intercepted due to the impact of inertial force and fiber on the fiber when winding the filter cloth fiber, thus playing the role of filtering. If it is used in pulse and air-box type pulse dust remover, dust is attached to the outer surface of the aluminum belt. When dust gas passes through the dust remover, dust is captured and collected on the outer surface of the filter bag. Clean gas enters the filter bag through the filter material. The cage frame inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag, and the textile filter bag collapses. At the same time, it also helps to remove and redistribute the dust cake.



The selection of dust bag should be considered from the aspects of fabric, dust removal efficiency and durability. And, its choose correctly or not, can have very big effect to the effect that dust remover removes dust. In the specific choice, we should consider the gas temperature, humidity and chemistry, particle size, dust concentration, filter wind speed and dust removal mode and other specific aspects.



2. Dust bag quality determinants and service life influencing factors


The quality of dust bag, it is decisive factors, in particular, is for the use of dust material and material quality and material properties, including material resistance to high temperature index and air permeability and so on. In addition, there are dust bag manufacturing technology and processing quality. In addition, the filter bag itself is made of clean filter cloth in the crystallization production environment, eliminating the secondary pollution caused by the non-crystallization of the filter bag itself. If it is made of non-woven cloth filter bag, its surface is to be burned, calendering and other processes, to prevent fiber shedding caused by secondary pollution.



Dust bag service life, there are some influencing factors, gas dust concentration size, dust thickness attached to the surface of the filter bag and dust bag pressure and resistance, etc., so we need to have a comprehensive consideration, to ensure and extend the service life of dust bag.