Dust filter bag to play the best efficiency method

- Aug 17, 2020-

Dust filter bag to play the best efficiency method

With people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, many enterprises in the production of equipment filtration, in order to reduce the emission of harmful gases.

 In the purchase of the dust collector, not only need to buy a good product, but also need to choose the dust filter bag, choose the appropriate equipment, and then can play a good role in these equipment, to ensure the normal operation of the company. 

Equipment installation, as required by the enterprise, is not only in equipment maintenance, but also needs to be operated by full-time staff.

Use scientific, standard, reasonable maintenance to dust filter bag effect more practical practice.

1. The old cloth bag should not be mixed with the new process to avoid different damage time affecting the normal work of dust removal equipment.

2. Avoid aging of cloth bags. This paper mainly studies the causes of the following problems. It is necessary to conduct the cause inquiry, adopt the elimination management method and replace the dust filter bag. Hardening and shrinking due to unusually high temperatures; Adverse reactions due to vapor contact with acid, alkali or organic solvent; It reacts with water.

3. Press cloth hanging is not too loose or too tight, and it will cause dust and damage easily due to tension.

4. Clean the replaced cloth bags with a compression and air first, and then check whether there are any holes. If there are holes, they can be replaced after repaired. If the cloth bag is covered by dust, wash it with water and leave it dry.

5. Avoid blocking when using dust bags. When the cloth bag blocking, so that the resistance increased, can be gradually increased by the reading of the differential pressure gauge. Cloth bag obstruction is the main cause of wear, perforation and shedding of a cloth bag. The cause of the blockage of the dust bag can be checked for information and repaired. Generally, enterprises adopt the following solutions: temporarily strengthen the ash cleaning to eliminate the blockage of cloth bags; Replace all or part of the cloth bags; Adjust the bag installation and operation working conditions.