Dust removal and dust removal effect related factors

- Mar 09, 2019-

 Dust removal and dust removal effect related factors



Dust bag is mainly used for dust collection and dust removal, so we need to have a comprehensive understanding of this part and in-depth understanding, so as to know how to properly use and make full use of the product, so that the dust bag has a good effect.



1. Do you need to pay attention to the selection of dust bag? Should the relevant factors be taken into consideration?


Dust bag product selection work, from a professional point of view, this is an important work, is the need to seriously treat and carry on, and in the attitude can not be ignored, so as to avoid the wrong choice caused product waste and to bring certain economic losses to users. All relevant factors need to be taken into account, as well as comprehensive and comprehensive consideration, so that accurate judgment and correct choice can be made. Therefore, based on this point, it can be concluded that the dust bag product selection of its related factors need to be considered.



2. Why do dust removal bags need to be cleaned after a period of use?


The dust-removing bag is a dust-removing part made of textile filter cloth or non-textile felt. The filter function of fiber fabric is used to filter the dust-containing gas to achieve the purpose of dust-removing. At the same time, the gas can be purified. When the dust bag used for a period of time, due to the screening, collision, retention, diffusion, electrostatic and other effects, its surface will accumulate a layer of dust, after that, this layer of dust became the main filter layer of filter material and can improve the filtration efficiency. However, with the continuous accumulation of dust, the dust removal resistance will continue to increase and the dust removal efficiency will decline, so when the dust removal resistance reaches a certain value, timely ash removal work, so as not to affect the quality of dust removal and dust removal effect.



3. What are the dust removal effects related to?


Dust bag dust removal effect, from a professional point of view, there are many related factors and related aspects, but mainly depends on the filter material. In general, the filter material of dust bag is cloth or felt made of synthetic fiber, natural fiber or glass fiber. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable filter materials according to the properties of flue gas. In addition, the correct, reasonable and standard use of dust bag is required, so as to further ensure and improve the use effect of the product, and achieve the intended purpose of use.