Dust removal cartridge adhesion requirements

- May 08, 2019-

Dust removal cartridge adhesion requirements and requirements of plastic cartridge coated

Filter cartridge, which is also a common and commonly used filter element, and need to have a correct understanding and comprehensive understanding of it, because in order to achieve the rational use and full use of the product, and can make full use of the filter cartridge, to avoid product waste and other problems.

1. How to choose a good filter cartridge?

To choose a good quality filter cartridge, it is necessary to do the following two points, is for: first, the use of demand should have a clear understanding, and determine their own can afford the product price range, in order to narrow the range of choice, is conducive to the correct selection of products; Secondly, it is to want to choose major and normal manufacturer, can assure the product quality and the use performance of the product so, then, assure the use effect of the product.

2. Does the glass fiber filter cartridge in the filter cartridge have different filter materials? Should the dust attribute be considered in the selection?

In the filter cartridge, there is a specific type of glass fiber filter cartridge, and at present, this kind of filter cartridge will be used in some industries and fields. And, have different filter material actually, everybody can choose proper filter material according to use environment and use a requirement, in order to assure filter canister has good use effect.

In the selection of glass fiber filter cartridge, is to consider the specific aspect of dust properties, because it has a great impact on the selection of this kind of filter cartridge, so can not be ignored and careless treatment. In terms of dust properties, it is necessary to know whether the dust is ordinary dust, ultra-fine dust, moist dust or flammable and explosive dust, and then determine the number of folds or effective filtration area of the filter cartridge, and then determine the processing air volume of the filter cartridge, so as to facilitate the selection of the filter cartridge.

3. Is there any requirement for the adhesive of the dust removal cartridge? What are the requirements?

Dust filter cartridge, this is a specific type of filter cartridge, its use of adhesive is a specific requirement, is the requirement to choose high-quality special adhesive glue, rather than what glue can be. Moreover, the amount of glue injection must be sufficient. If the amount of glue injection is too small, it will cause problems such as the end cap falling off of the filter cartridge and affect the normal use of the filter cartridge. And the filter tube coated, it has specific requirements, is: the surface is smooth, there will be no adhesion and other fine problems, can improve the filtration speed and any dust can not pass, to achieve zero emissions this purpose.