Elements to note when choosing A PTFE filter bag

- Sep 29, 2020-

Elements to note when choosing A PTFE filter bag

PTFE filter bag is made from unique materials and can be used for flue gas treatment of coal-burning boiler, waste incineration, production of titanium dioxide, production of carbon black and other processes. In addition, PTFE filter bag is also used in the initial smelting, refining and chemical production process of some metals, making a great contribution to our environmental protection work. Then, how to choose PTFE filter bag?

In fact, the following points should be noted when choosing a PTFE filter bag:

1. Smooth running resistance and easy to clear ash. Although the resistance of coated filter material is higher than ordinary filter material at the beginning of use, but with the increase of running time, resistance will not be extended with time and urgent? According to the increase, and the ash cleaning function is good, long cleaning period, ash cleaning pressure is low, reduce the friction force and friction coefficient between dust and filter.

2. High gas flux and long service life. Because the coated filter material is lubricated and water-repellent, the ash is thoroughly cleaned, and the air flow is always high, the opposition between the filter and the ash is well handled, and then the service life of PTFE filter bag is improved.

3. Extremely high filtering power. Effect of filter bag can intercept micron grade of super fine dust, especially harmful to human body of PM2.5 particles, and ash removal does not change the original aperture and clearing rate, make the dust removal power will remain at high levels, can complete the zero emissions, PTFE filter bag can also be used on back of ultrafine grain products, cut down the consumption of products, and complete the energy conservation and emissions reduction, the requirement of discharging standard.